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BMW launches a new flagship luxury EV

BMW i7 - Credit: BMW Group

BMW has launched its new BMW i7 electric luxury sedan.

The BMW 7 series has always been the pinnacle luxury offering from the Bavarian brand. Now that the electric vehicle age is upon us, the new BMW i7 will carry that legacy. It plans to do so following the usual 7 series formula; exciting performance, extreme comfort and build quality, and a healthy dose of technology.

BMW is offering customers impressive performance with the new i7. The luxury sedan comes with a dual motor all-wheel-drive system producing 536 horsepower and 549 pound-feet of torque, rocketing the gargantuan sedan from 0-60 in just 4.5 seconds. While this is far from insane performance by any metric, the vehicle likely needs every one of those over 500 horsepower to move the 101.7kWh (usable) battery and 5,820-pound curb weight. Despite the planetary weight of the car, the i7 still achieves an EPA range of just over 300 miles, and thankfully, with 195kW peak charging, customers won’t be off the road for too long.

(Photo Credit: BMW)

Where the BMW i7 defines itself, as the 7 series so often has, is with its tech options. Most eye-catching is the “theater screen” that spans the width of the rear roof and extends down to give the people in the back of the vehicle their choice of media content. This pairs perfectly with the luxurious executive lounge chair setting, whereby the seat fully reclines, allowing the passenger to lay flat as they are whisked to their next corporate retreat or board meeting.

(Photo Credit: BMW)

While BMW hasn’t introduced level 3 self-driving to the vehicle yet, the brand claims that the capability is there, and the car comes with level 2 self-driving as of release.

That brings us to the most astonishing specification of the new luxury sedan, its price. The BMW i7 will go on sale in the U.S. starting at $119,300, and while BMW has never been much of a “budget brand,” they are certainly not attempting to lure customers based on price.

Looking at the design of the new i7, I, for one, am glad the brand followed a more traditional shape instead of the hyper-efficient shapes that have become all too common (Lucid Air, Mercedes EQS/EQE Sedan, Volkswagen ID.Aero). While the omnipresent kidney grill has grown (yet again), the vehicle’s profile remains classic BMW. And while the interior design of the i7 is much of the same that we have seen from BMW for the past five years, customers can rest assured that the build quality and U/I experience have remained consistent.

BMW is finally heading in a positive direction regarding its electric vehicle offerings. The brand now offers three electric vehicles; if the i7 is anything to go by, many should be excited about the brand’s future.

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BMW launches a new flagship luxury EV
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