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Tesla Model 3 tops European efficiency test

Credit: Tesla

In a test conducted by Green NCAP, a European car assessment organization, the Tesla Model 3 topped the charts for efficiency, scoring 9.6/10.

As noted by Green NCAP researchers, and reported by Yahoo Sports, electric vehicles already give consumers a fantastic way to increase their energy efficiency while traveling and generally help reduce their carbon footprint. However, in the organization’s most recent comparison, Tesla was rated above other popular electric vehicles for its efficiency and sustainability rating.

The comparison completed by the organization included the Tesla Model 3, the Renault Megane E-Tech, and the NIO eT7. With these three vehicles, Green NCAP used a couple of tests to quantify their overall efficiency, including a highway driving efficiency test, a cold weather driving test, and a hot weather driving test, to name a few. The cars were given scores out of ten on the “energy efficiency index,” along with other metrics from these tests.

Credit: Green NCAP

The Tesla Model 3 scored the best with a 9.6/10 energy efficiency result, while the Renault Megane E-Tech and NIO eT7 scored 9.4/10. Researchers primarily believe that Tesla’s success was due to the vehicle’s superior aerodynamics and smaller frontal area. However, all the vehicles tested suffered in the cold weather test, dramatically increasing energy use by 72% in the case of the Tesla and the NIO and 78% for the Renault.

From their results, Green NCAP highlighted the need for improved air conditioning efficiency, both regarding heating and cooling. However, the researchers also advocated for manufacturers to pursue lower-cost vehicle options, allowing more consumers to access zero-emission forms of transportation.

While electric mobility technology is a massive jump in efficiency compared to ICE vehicles, Green NCAP’s testing shows that improvement is still possible and that changes can have tangible effects on the consumer’s ownership experience. Hopefully, as more and more manufacturers pursue electric vehicle options, not only can this jump in efficiency help more people and the environment, but it can motivate manufacturers to continue to improve.

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Tesla Model 3 tops European efficiency test
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