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Tesla partners with Origence for credit union-based financing program

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Tesla and Origence, which describes itself as the leading credit union technology company in the United States, have announced a partnership that will allow the automaker to offer car buyers financing through a credit union when ordering a vehicle through the company’s website.

Credit unions are an advantageous way to finance a vehicle because they can offer lower rates, lower or fewer fees, and more personalized service than a traditional large bank can.

Tesla owners will now have access to more competitive rates and extended financing terms, which will help lower the monthly payment of a vehicle as rates in today’s economy are higher than they have ever been.

Financing options are already available for Tesla vehicles, including all four cars in the S3XY lineup, and now the Cybertruck.

But Origence will leverage its new subsidiary, FI Connect, to purchase and place retail contracts with partner credit unions nationwide, it said.

When a car buyer finances their vehicle through FI Connect, a credit union will buy the contract.

Tony Boutelle, President and CEO of Origence, commented on the partnership with Tesla:

“Tesla is making their cars more affordable for credit union members with price adjustments. With FI Connect and Tesla coming together, EV buyers can receive affordable financing through credit unions.”

In the past, Tesla has tried a variety of different ways to make payments on its vehicles more affordable.

Outside of cutting prices a variety of times, bringing prices well below the average transaction price of a new vehicle in today’s economy, the automaker has already offered extended financing terms, which bring the monthly payment down.

However, this will also extend the payment period and make buyers pay more interest through the life of the loan. In July, Tesla opened the 84-month financing term, which extends the life of the loan to seven years.

Tesla opens up new financing term option for EV customers

Many experts would say that if you need seven years to pay off a loan, you probably shouldn’t buy that car to begin with.

However, it can be cost-effective in some cases, especially if someone is deadset on buying a certain car but cannot afford the monthly payment at a shorter term.

There are also refinancing options, which can help car buyers eliminate some of that interest if the financial situation changes into the life of the loan.

The partnership with Origence will bring the advantages of credit union financing to Tesla owners.

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Tesla partners with Origence for credit union-based financing program
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