Tesla patent explores novel integrated seat temperature control system

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla published a patent for new integrated temperature control systems for seats in its vehicles. The EV manufacturer states that the recent document, published on March 31, 2022, is a continuation of its “Vehicle Seat with Integrated Temperature-Control System” patent filed on February 21, 2019.

In the patent, Tesla lists the many ways current seat temperature controls are insufficient.

“Attempts to provide air ventilation through the seat foam are typically insufficient to remove excess heat and provide a comfortable environment for the occupant. Further, conventional heating systems are bulky, occupy space in the seat which typically requires the seat to be thicker, and are inefficient in heating the seat as the heat typically must travel through multiple layers and heats regions of the seat that the occupant does not contact. Hence, there is a need for an improved temperature-control system for vehicle seats,” Tesla wrote.

Tesla’s solution is to create a temperature control system that pumps fluid throughout a vehicle seat.

“The temperature-control system includes a base layer and an intermediate layer disposed adjacent to the base layer. The intermediate layer allows fluid to flow through it. The temperature-control system includes a cover layer disposed adjacent to the intermediate layer. The temperature-control system also includes at least one heating element disposed between the intermediate layer and the cover layer. The temperature-control system further includes a fluid pump to provide the flow of fluid through the intermediate layer,” the patent stated.

According to Tesla, its new temperature control system is made of different layers of materials including a fluid pump and a heating component, allowing it to actively cool and heat seats in the vehicle. The new system is expected to decrease the costs of making the vehicle and minimize noise in the cabin while also using the vehicle’s power efficiently, much like Tesla’s heat pump when it first appeared in the Model Y.

Check out Tesla’s patent for its vehicle seat with integrated temperature-control system in the document below.


Tesla patent explores novel integrated seat temperature control system
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