Tesla and Octopus Energy team up to bring green power supply to German Powerwall 2 owners

(Credit: Octopus Energy)

Tesla teamed up with UK-based energy service provider Octopus Energy again. This time, Tesla and Octopus Energy are seeking to supply “inexpensive green electricity” to homeowners in Germany who install solar panels and Powerwall 2 batteries in their homes. 

On Monday, October 18, the US automaker announced the Tesla electricity tariff from Octopus Energy. According to Reuters, the Tesla electricity tariff is a service that enables homeowners to top-up their power supply. The service is only available to households with solar panels and Tesla Powerwall 2 battery storage units installed. 

“The Tesla electricity tariff for Powerwall owners provides you with inexpensive green electricity if the electricity you generate yourself is not enough,” explained Octopus Energy. “A low basic price ensures that your expenses for electricity from the grid remain low. Compare your current provider and switch to the Tesla electricity tariff powered by Octopus Energy today.”

The Tesla electricity tariff promises low costs to customers. Homeowners who choose to avail of the service can expect to pay a low monthly basic price, a working price per kWh with no surcharge, and a fixed fee of €3 per month to Octopus Energy. 

Tesla clarifies that prices will depend on the customer’s location. The automaker also stated that customers can change or cancel their Tesla electricity tariff every month, emphasizing that there will be no 12 or 24-month binding periods. Octopus Energy adds that termination of the Tesla electricity tariff incurs no extra costs and does not affect the customer’s Powerwall purchase. 

Since the middle of the year, Tesla and Octopus Energy have been testing the service in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. NTV noted that Tesla and Octopus Energy aim to utilize Powerwall 2 home batteries in Germany into a virtual power plant, similar to those used in Australia and the United States. 

Tesla and Octopus Energy already work together in the United Kingdom. The two companies launched the Tesla Energy Plan back in the UK as a viable utility service option. Tesla Energy was in the background as the company prioritized its automotive division these last few years, but the energy sector seemed to be making significant strides until the pandemic. 

During the 2021 Shareholders Meeting, Elon Musk predicted that Tesla Energy might make more significant progress next year. He explained that Tesla had to prioritize the automotive sector again this year because of global supply chain challenges. 

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Tesla and Octopus Energy team up to bring green power supply to German Powerwall 2 owners
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