Tesla to unlock Powerwall 2 with more power in upcoming software update

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The Tesla Powerwall 2 battery is about to get significantly more impressive, with CEO Elon Musk recently noting that the residential energy storage unit is poised to receive a free software update in the near future. This update, which could roll out sometime next month, would allow some Powerwall batteries to have a power increase of over 50%. 

Musk’s remarks about the upcoming Powerwall 2 update came as a follow-up to his previous statements on Wednesday night, when he announced that Tesla’s residential energy products will now be sold exclusively as a bundle. In his follow-up, the CEO stated that the Powerwall 2’s peak and steady power capability is actually better than advertised, and now that the company has enough data, it’s time to uncork the residential battery storage unit’s potential. 

“Powerwall 2 peak & steady power capability is better than advertised. Now that we have lots of operational data, Tesla can unlock higher capabilities for free via software update next month. Depending on production date, power increase power may be >50% at 30C ambient temp,” Musk wrote. 

An over-the-air software update for a home battery unit definitely seems like a strategy that’s right up Tesla’s alley, though it should be noted that a power increase of 50% is a very notable improvement. With such an update in place, homeowners with the battery units would be able to wire up and maintain service on 50% more circuits, allowing users to keep more appliances active during a power outage. 

Granted, this may result in the Powerwall 2 batteries getting discharged faster in some cases, but the advantages definitely seem to outweigh the disadvantages in this scenario. The only damper in Elon Musk’s update was his mention of the power increase only being rolled out to batteries that were produced after a specific date. This means that some Powerwall 2 owners may miss out on the free 50% power increase

The Powerwall 2 may be one of Tesla’s most humble products, but the home battery unit is making waves in its own segment over the years. Last year alone, data from EnergySage in its eleventh semiannual Solar Marketplace Intel Report determined that the Powerwall is dominating the US’ residential battery market. This is partly due to Tesla’s battery technology, which allows the Powerwall to compete aggressively as the country’s least expensive storage option on a per-kWh stored basis. 

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Tesla to unlock Powerwall 2 with more power in upcoming software update
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