Tesla Powerwall installations available in Thailand starting at 699,000 baht

(Credit: Solar d)

Tesla partnered with Solar d in Thailand to bring the country the Powerwall, a home battery storage unit. 

The two companies teased the Powerwall’s arrival in Thailand last year. The Tesla Powerwall starts at 699,000 baht ($20,574.86). For comparison, the Tesla Powerwall costs $9,200 in the United States, specifically in New Jersey. 

According to Solar d’s order page, customers the Tesla Powerwall comes in a few different packages, including a Solar Package with solar panel installation. Tesla and Solar d offer the following packages: Lite, Smart, Premium, Prime, Elegant, and Ultimate. The order page recommends the optimal package to customers based on their roof size, their power bill, and the “self-sufficiency” level they prefer. 

Late last year, Thailand passed a new regulation to support the growth and use of renewable energy sources in the country. The regulation launched Thailand’s Feed-in tariff (FIT) scheme. A FIT is a policy that supports the development of renewable energy sources by guaranteeing above-market prices for producers.

The Energy Regulatory Commission of Thailand rolled out a regulation that would introduce a 25-year FIT of THB 2,1679 ($638.37) per kWh for solar and a 25-year FIT of THB 2,8331 ($834.25) per kWh for solar plus storage. The FIT scheme fits perfectly with Tesla Energy’s products. 

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Tesla Powerwall installations available in Thailand starting at 699,000 baht
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