Tesla Cybertruck cabin looks intact after rollover test

Credit: Cybertruck Owners Club

Tesla has been teasing the Cybertruck’s crash tests for months, with the company even using it as an April Fools joke this year. As per a recent sighting of the all-electric pickup truck, it would appear that the Cybertruck is currently undergoing some crash tests, and it seems to be performing fairly well. 

The video, which was shared by the Cybertruck Owners Club to Teslarati, showed a Cybertruck at the back of a trailer. Two vehicles were being transported at the time, with one unit being covered and another being exposed. Fortunately enough, a TikTok user was able to take a close look at one of the Cybertrucks, including the vehicle’s interior. 

The exposed Cybertruck was evidently crash tested, as revealed in a sticker placed on the vehicle that read “Cybertruck Ditch Rollover.” Electric vehicle enthusiasts were quite surprised at the state of the Cybertruck’s exterior, as the all-electric truck did not look too beaten up. It had some trim falling off, its bed was a mess, some of its windows were cracked, and its roof was crushed, but the Cybertruck did not look totaled at all. 

This was quite evident in the interior of the vehicle. As could be seen in the video, the Cybertruck’s cabin remained largely intact after its ditch rollover test. Even its rear display, which was teased recently in an off-roading video, seemed undamaged during the crash. The seats also looked mostly intact, despite some airbags seemingly going off during the rollover test. 

The Cybetruck’s safety in the event of a crash has been a notable topic among the electric vehicle community since the all-electric pickup truck made its debut in late 2019. While Tesla advocates predicted that the Cybertruck would continue Tesla’s tradition of making vehicles that are extremely safe, critics argued that the all-electric pickup’s steel frame would make the vehicle unsafe for passengers. 

Considering how the Cybertruck looks after its crash test, however, then perhaps Tesla advocates are right. The company, after all, is famed for its insane focus on safety. One could criticize Tesla for missing the panel alignment of its of its cars from time to time, but no one can deny the fact that each vehicle from the company has performed excellently in crash tests worldwide. Thus, despite the Cybertruck being a completely different breed of vehicle, it would likely be just as safe — if not more — than Tesla’s electric cars today. 

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Tesla Cybertruck cabin looks intact after rollover test
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