Tesla publishes its 2023 Impact Report

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Tesla has released its 2023 Impact Report, which highlights the progress that the company has made in its efforts to make its operations more sustainable. Immediately noticeable in Tesla’s 2023 Impact Report was the idea that a sustainable future is within reach. 

As could be seen in the 2023 Impact Report highlights, the entire Tesla ecosystem is designed to displace fossil fuel alternatives. This was highlighted in the fact that in 2023, Tesla’s customers avoided releasing more than 20 million metric tons of CO2e into the atmosphere just by using the company’s products. 

Tesla also notes that it is possible to fully decarbonize the manufacturing and lifetime use of its vehicles, and efforts are underway to achieve this. Battery recycling efforts, for example, have allowed Tesla to support the recovery of enough battery materials to produce 43,000 Tesla Model Y Rear-Wheel Drive vehicles. That’s already a good amount of zero-emission cars, but it will likely only get better. 

Tesla also emphasized that its factories are among the most sustainable in the industry. Giga Shanghai, for one, uses 35% less energy per vehicle produced compared to the Fremont Factory, and 49% of Giga Nevada’s total HVAC systems were run by dynamic controls. Most impressively, 100% of Giga Berlin’s electricity was matched with renewables in 2023. 

Tesla energy has been flexing some of its strength in recent quarters, and as per the company in its 2023 Impact Report, Tesla solar customers shone last year as they were able to generate enough zero-emissions electricity to power all Tesla locations. These include Tesla’s manufacturing, support, research, sales, service, and delivery sites more than three times over. That’s quite impressive, especially since Tesla produced 1,845,985 vehicles in 2023. 

The highlights of Tesla’s 2023 Impact Report can be viewed below. 

2023 Tesla Impact Report Highlights by Simon Alvarez on Scribd

And the full Tesla 2023 Impact Report can be accessed below. 

2023 Tesla Impact Report by Simon Alvarez on Scribd

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Tesla publishes its 2023 Impact Report
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