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Tesla will close Q1 with Model S, X 100D deliveries after 3-week delay by EPA

Multiple reports from Model S and Model X 100D buyers indicate that Tesla has lifted the delivery hold on its long range vehicle after experiencing a 3-week delay as a result of mileage verification by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Tesla has been chomping at the bit to get the 100D versions of the S and X through the EPA verification process in order to hit Q1 delivery targets. Approval from the EPA will allow Tesla to fast track the 3 week backlog of 100D deliveries during the last 10 days of the quarter. Investors will be watching closely for any indicators that may have an impact on planned production of Model 3 in July.

The EPA has always been the source of official fuel economy data for both gasoline and electric vehicles. Vehicles are subject to a mileage verification process by the government agency. Instead of verifying the range per gallon of liquid fuel (MPG), the EPA utilizes the controversial MPGe or mile per gallon equivalent to show buyers how many watt-hours per mile the vehicle consumes.

Tesla’s Model S 100D received an EPA rating of 102 MPGe at 33 kWh per 100 miles (161 kilometers) which is on par with the rest of the Tesla fleet. Model S 90D and soon-to-be-discontinued 60D previously receiving ratings of 104 MPGe or 32 kWh per 100 miles from the EPA.

Model S 100D has the highest estimated range per charge of any Tesla, coming in at an impressive 335 miles (539 kilometers) of range per single charge. The vehicle holds the title for the highest range of any production battery electric vehicle, largely helped by Tesla’s 100 kWh battery and dual motor configuration.

The Tesla Motors Club forum is abuzz with excited soon-to-be 100D owners who report that Tesla Delivery Specialists have confirmed end-of-month delivery dates. Some 100D buyers have already taken delivery.

Are you taking delivery or have you already taken delivery of your 100D? We want to see! Post your pics in the forum.

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