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New details of Tesla’s meeting with India emerge

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New details of Tesla’s meeting with Indian government officials have emerged as speculation regarding the automaker’s potential market entry has never been hotter.

Last week, it was reported that Tesla had several executives in New Delhi who were set to meet with Nivruti Rai, the CEO of Invest India. Tesla had sent Rohan Patel and Roshan Thomas to iron out the details of a potential market entry that seems to be getting more real with every day.

It appears that Tesla met with India’s Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal last week as well, according to Reuters, citing people familiar with the matter. There was “at least one other government official” at the meeting as well.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, along with other officials, are also keeping a close eye on the talks with Tesla, as earlier this year, Modi and CEO Elon Musk met, which catapulted rumors that the automaker would eventually make it to India.

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Tesla and Goyal discussed what the company’s plans are in terms of its potential market entry into India, but the sources were unwilling to elaborate any further.

Yesterday, we reported that Tesla had already leased office space in Pune at the Panchshil Business Park. The automaker snapped up a 5,850-square-foot space under its Indian subsidiary, Tesla India Motor & Energy.

Tesla and India have been in discussions for years regarding a business relationship, it just has not panned out due to each side needing things that the other was unable to accommodate. However, it seems that things have taken a much more serious turn this time around, as some serious headway in terms of negotiations has occurred this year.

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New details of Tesla’s meeting with India emerge
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