Tesla’s new Model 3 ‘Highland’ Aero Wheels now look better than ever

Credit: reddit user u/deltahf07

Among the many upgrades that Tesla applied to its new Model 3 “Highland,” it is truly up to the eye of the beholder which improvement is the best.

However, one of the best upgrades from a purely visual standpoint is that of the new Aero wheels, which have a new design, much like the rest of the Model 3 “Highland.”

The Aero wheels are fitted on Tesla’s vehicles to do one thing: make the vehicle more efficient in terms of both consumption and range ratings. A study from 2019 performed by Car and Driver showed that both energy consumption decreased and range increased when the Aero wheel covers were on the Model 3.

However, many owners chose to take the Aero covers off and reveal the actual wheel underneath. In past Model 3 iterations, it gave the all-electric sedan a sportier look. The Aero caps were very rarely favored over the wheels that sat behind, and it was not uncommon to see Model 3s without their covers.

A Tesla Model 3 with custom-painted Aero Covers. [Credit: Peter Lafford/Facebook]

Tesla has decided to do the same thing with the new Model 3. The wheels are still covered with the efficiency-boosting Aero covers, but underneath lies a new wheel design that seems to be even superior to the old Model 3 wheels, which were a fan favorite among drivers of the sedan.

Credit: reddit user u/BALENCIAGA4

We got our first look at the new Model 3 Highland wheels in February during the vehicle’s on-road testing throughout California. Although the car still has not yet been released in the United States, and there is no sign of when Tesla might bring it to this market, we did get a sneak peek during the first quarter.

But now, we’re getting an even better look at the new wheels that come on the Tesla Model 3 Highland, and there are definitely a few new features and designs that the automaker went with when designing these:

Credit: reddit user u/deltahf07

More spokes offer a sportier design, and while the old wheels were undoubtedly a great-looking option behind the Aero covers, there is no doubt that these needed an upgrade and a refresh, just as the rest of the vehicle received.

The Model 3 Highland has received positive reviews from those who have had an opportunity to see the car already. It is set for first deliveries in October, according to the various online configurators that Tesla has launched in markets outside the United States.

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Tesla’s new Model 3 ‘Highland’ Aero Wheels now look better than ever
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