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Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ Refresh spotted with never-before-seen wheels

Credit: The Kilowatts

A Tesla Model 3 Refresh that could potentially be a part of the company’s “Project Highland” was spotted yesterday sporting never-before-seen wheels.

Tesla has been working on the Model 3’s newest iteration, codenamed “Project Highland,” since last Summer. Sightings of the vehicle have continued to pop up throughout the community, with the most recent coming yesterday as Tesla announced a new Engineering HQ in Palo Alto.

Spotted by The Kilowattsthe Model 3 Highland is still covered in the front and rear bumper portions, but it appears Tesla has new 18″ Aero wheels, which are just the stock option for the vehicle with the Aero Covers taken off.

Details regarding what Tesla will bring with Project Highland are still widely unknown. However, there are a lot of indications that Tesla will bring a new infotainment package and interior features. Some people speculate that Tesla could be looking to revamp the design of the Model 3 by giving it somewhat of a facelift.

For what it’s worth, the picture of the front end of the Model 3 Highland spotted yesterday does appear to have a slightly different front end and appears to be boxier than the current design. However, this is just speculation.

Past sightings of potential Project Highland candidates have shown Tesla is doing an excellent job of keeping whatever their plans are very well under wraps.

Tesla ‘Project Highland’ Model 3 spotted on-road testing

Initial reports about Project Highland indicated Tesla was gearing up for a change in internal parts and infotainment, and not necessarily anything super technical or groundbreaking with the Model 3. However, the car has been out on the market for six years and is likely in need of a revamp of some kind.

Tesla has been revamping its Fremont Factory in Northern California for at least eight months now, preparing for a new and updated Model 3 design. Teslarati has been tracking progress at the plant for several months, and the automaker has installed new manufacturing equipment and production lines in preparation for the new Highland Model 3.

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Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ Refresh spotted with never-before-seen wheels
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