First look at Tesla self-driving cameras being heated for winter driving

As the Tesla engineering team continues to work around the clock and prepares for launch of the company’s newest Enhanced Autopilot under software version 8.1, Tesla owners are taking to YouTube to highlight the level of detail engineers must account for in each sensor.

Beyond the obvious complexity of having to map out an accurate depiction of the world from data fed through eight surround cameras and twelve advanced ultrasonic sensors, engineers must also account for adverse weather conditions that may impact the vehicle’s ability to accurately see the world around it.

We recently saw how Tesla’s front-facing Autopilot camera was able to melt away snow and ice even before the vehicle was ready to be driven. A new video shot using a FLIR Thermal Imager provides another look at how Autopilot 2.0’s new side and rear cameras are also designed for unobstructed view regardless of weather.


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