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Tesla Semi breakdown has people losing their minds

A Tesla Semi has been spotted broken down on a Nevada highway, leaving far more questions than answers.

Tesla Semi deliveries began immediately at launch, with the first models going to Pepsi and Frito-Lay. According to Tesla’s year-end production report, it delivered a total of just over 30 trucks as production began on the new product. However, as the trucks have taken to public roads, perhaps the truck’s first-ever breakdown was spotted in Nevada earlier this week.

The Tesla Semi was spotted broken down by Twitter user @Trumpery45 via a live feed setup from the Nevada DOT. The Semi was spotted broken down at the roundabout intersection of Nevada State Route 439 and U.S. 50, just west of Silver Springs, Nevada.

Very little else is known about the broken-down truck. In the video, the Semi is seen coming to a stop, turning on its blinkers, and then waiting a couple of hours before a full towing rig arrives to bring the truck away.

Teslarati reached out for information in a few locations but has found very little information thus far. Local towing companies were either unaware of the vehicle’s breakdown or were incapable of towing such a large rig. Further, local police weren’t available for comment when contacted earlier this week.

As electric vehicles generally have so few failure points, many were quick to make predictions about the cause of the truck’s stop. Some believed that, due to a lack of available charging, the truck was forced to stop as it ran out of battery. Though this has been disputed as Nevada has received some of the largest amounts of Semi charging as it is the state where the vehicles are being manufactured. Further, if the truck simply ran out of battery, it could have been quickly charged before resuming its drive.

Still others have wondered if it were a motor or battery malfunction, as these are some of the few parts of the Semi that could prevent the vehicle from driving. But the truck’s flashers indicate that at least some power is still available. And because the truck could be pulled away without a full flatbed, it is unlikely that a catastrophic motor malfunction occurred.

We may not know what forced the new Tesla Semi to stop during its drive earlier this week, but if Tesla’s engineering video is anything to go by, it has at least been battle-tested before coming to American roads. Hopefully, the truck can make its way back to driving shortly.

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Tesla Semi breakdown has people losing their minds
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