Tesla scores first Semi truck order in the Middle East, 50 units for Bee’ah

The Tesla Semi is continually proving to be a popular choice for long-haul operators looking to establish a sustainable supply chain through the use of a zero-emissions fleet. Just recently, Bee’ah, a UAE-based environmental and waste management firm, revealed that it had ordered a fleet of 50 Tesla Semi trucks immediately after the launch of the long-hauler back in November 2017. The announcement was released after Bee’ah reported that it would be participating in the upcoming World Future Energy Summit, which is set to be held in Abu Dhabi this coming January 15-18, 2018.

The Middle Eastern firm stated that its order for Tesla’s largest vehicle to date is yet another way to underline and highlight the company’s stance on clean, renewable energy. Bee’ah, after all, has already been actively involved in green initiatives. Just like Norway’s Posten Norge and ASKO, Bee’ah has been embracing renewable transport for years. The Middle Eastern firm is going the extra mile, however, utilizing other electric vehicles, machines that run on compressed natural gas and biodiesel, as well as solar-powered boats that are capable of cleaning lakes and other bodies of water for its operations.

While Bee’ah’s order of 50 Tesla Semis is quite impressive, it is pertinent to note that the UAE-based firm has already been an open supporter of Tesla’s clean energy solutions in the past. Just recently, Tesla and the Middle Eastern firm signed a deal for the installation of the Calfornia-based electric car maker and energy firm’s Powerpack system at Bee’ah’s headquarters. The environmental and waste management firm’s new HQ, which is currently under construction, boasts a state-of-the-art design that exclusively utilizes renewable energy.

Bee’ah chairman Salim Al Owais expressed his optimism about his firm’s future and how the Tesla Semi will play a role in achieving the company’s long-term goals. In a statement to Construction Business News, the chairman explained how Tesla’s technology ultimately lines up with the future that Bee’ah is aiming for.

“We are extremely pleased to turn towards Tesla for a solution that enhances our leadership of sustainable practices in the region. As a company that strives to be the best in our field, we only work with partners that we consider to be the best in theirs. Through this latest investment, we hope to demonstrate to others the value and importance of seeking out better, more viable ways of achieving our business aims, all for the greater good of our communities.”

“Bee’ah’s investment in Tesla’s Semi trucks and its Powerpack battery technology is a further example of our quest to take a holistic approach to environmental management, stretching far beyond waste management. Earlier this year, we announced the launch of a new company, EvoTeq, and signed two new business agreements as part of an investment in technology aimed at improving the lives of people living in the UAE.”

Once delivered, Bee’ah’s fleet of Tesla Semis will play a key role in the operations of the Middle Eastern firm. A significant number of the electric trucks will be utilized for waste collection and transportation. Others, on the other hand, will be used to transport materials for recovery.

Tesla scores first Semi truck order in the Middle East, 50 units for Bee’ah
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