Tesla Semi gets its newest customer

Credit: Tesla

The Tesla Semi has gotten its newest customer, as it appears wholesale giant Costco has taken delivery of the all-electric Class 8 truck for its needs.

After the Tesla Semi was released two years ago, it was not necessarily a public affair. Tesla had called on PepsiCo. to be its first true customer of the truck, accumulating and tracking precious data that could be used for anything from a sales pitch to a flex on how electrified tractor-trailers may be more advantageous than combustion engine trucks.

Slowly but surely, the Tesla Semi is making its way to more customers in the mainstream. It now appears Costco has been wooed by the prospect of having the Tesla Semi in its lineup:

Tesla Semi Production

Tesla Semi production is still ongoing, and according to the company’s most recent quarterly Earnings Call Shareholder Deck, the vehicle is still in “Pilot Production.”

Manufacturing of the Semi is confined to a small facility that is in Sparks, Nevada, near the Tesla Gigafactory. We reported on the building in October 2022, as sources told us where it was and what goes on within the mysterious structure:

Tesla Semi production is taking place in this secret Nevada facility

However, Tesla is not confined to this singular building. The Tesla Semi production processes will move to a new facility that the automaker is currently in the process of building.

The structure is being built with the help of a massive $3.6 billion expenditure. Tesla was granted around $330 million in tax breaks for the plant.

Still, mass production of the Tesla Semi seems to be a little ways away. During the Earnings Call, Tesla said:

“Our first vehicles are planned for late 2025 of external customers starting in 2026.”

Additionally, CEO Elon Musk updated investors on the process of the Tesla Semi during the Earnings Call:

“So we’re finalizing the engineering of the Semi to enable like a super cost-effective high volume production with our learnings from our fleet and pilot fleet and Pepsi’s fleet, which we’re expanding this year marginally. In parallel as we showed in the shareholder’s deck, we have started construction on the factory in Reno.”

The Tesla Semi has also made its way to Wal-Mart and Martin Brower.

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Tesla Semi gets its newest customer
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