Tesla Sentry Mode is getting a fresh new look

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Tesla will replace its Sentry Mode protector in HAL 9000 reportedly in response to Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) copyright claim against the electric carmaker for using the 2001: A Space Odyssey character in its security feature.

Tesla hacker @greentheonly shared the news after getting a glimpse of the company’s upcoming software update that includes a new Launch Mode and significant Autopilot improvements.

“And to bring it out of the comments, MGM has spoken, and HAL9000 is forbidden (those pesky IP rights). There are new sentry mode icon and the full screen image,” green wrote via Twitter.

HAL 9000 first appeared in the 1968 film as a member of the ship’s crew. The machine maintained ship functions and engaged with human crew-mates. HAL’s features in the movie are similar to its tasks in a Tesla vehicle. Preserving security for the electric vehicle entertains its parallelism with its purpose in the cinematic classic from the late ’60s.

The image attached to green’s tweet indicates the company’s new Sentry Mode “character.” One follower of green’s believes the new design could be inspired by a turret from Portal, a video game series from developer “Valve.”

Sentry Mode was rolled out by Tesla in early 2019 and utilizes a vehicle’s numerous camera’s to detect threats around the car. When activated, HAL 9000 would appear on the vehicle’s dash screen, indicating that Sentry Mode was active and would record events around the car. Sentry Mode’s introduction has led to the numerous capture of Tesla vandals, as the act of keying the company’s electric vehicles seemed to be a trend in late 2019.

Tesla recently added an in-car Dashcam and Sentry Mode clip viewer within the vehicle to allow owners to access recorded clips without leaving their vehicle. Previously, these clips were only available through transporting the memory device an owner utilized to a computer, or by using third-party devices that allowed for direct access on a smartphone.

Tesla Owners Silicon Valley Twitter page requested the feature, and CEO Elon Musk responded, stating that he would discuss the possibility of the clip viewer within the vehicle. It was released with the update on April 3. Now, clips of accidents or incidents of vandalism can be viewed without ever leaving the car. This could expedite the process of proving liability if an accident occurs.

Additionally, the new update added new driving visualizations, Full Self-Driving visualization for New Zealand, Australia and United Arab Emirates owners, and a new “Launch Mode” for Model S and Model X.

Tesla Sentry Mode is getting a fresh new look
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