Tesla service center loaners will all be P100Ds with Ludicrous, says Musk

Tesla announced during today’s Q1 earnings update that it will be significantly expanding its global network of stores, service center and mobile repair vehicles as part of the company’s Model 3 launch preparation. As Tesla readies itself to place an additional 500k Tesla vehicles onto roads by the end of 2018, the company said it will also be scaling out its service centers – in specific, its service loaner fleet – proportionately to vehicle deliveries.

This comes as reassurance to many Tesla owners who, more often than not, have become accustomed to driving noting but a Tesla, and live in a region such as California where new vehicle deliveries seemingly outpace the scale-out of service centers and their fleet of loaner vehicles. Ask any Model S or Model X owner living in an area with a high concentration of Teslas about their experience with service, and they would likely jump at the opportunity to describe a story of long service delays, lack of loaners and general overcrowding. However, according to Musk, Tesla owners that are in for maintenance and repairs will soon “hope service takes a long time.”

“Our policy for service loaners is that the service loaner fleet will be the very best version of a Tesla that is available” said Musk during the Q1 earnings call today. “If you have a Model X that comes in for service, the service loaner you will get will be the absolute fully loaded state-of-the-art P100D Ludicrous … Model X that we have. Same for Model S.”

It will be the kind of thing where you hope service takes a long time because you have the absolute top-of-the-line as a service loaner – Elon Musk

In addition to having an increased fleet of Tesla service loaners, the company announced in its fourth quarter and full year 2016 update letter that it would be expanding its mobile repair service, considering 80% of repairs are minor and can be done remotely.

“Ahead of the Model 3 launch, we are reengineering and expanding our operations as we anticipate the needs of a much larger family of Tesla owners. In service, since more than 80% of our repairs are so minor that they can be done remotely, we are expanding our mobile repair service that allows Tesla to make vehicle repairs at an owner’s home or office.” read the statement in Tesla’s Full Year 2016 Update letter.

Tesla service center loaners will all be P100Ds with Ludicrous, says Musk
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