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Tesla slashes Supercharger pricing in Europe

Credit: Tesla

Tesla is slashing Supercharger pricing in several European countries, decreasing fees by over ten percent.

Tesla Supercharger pricing varies by time of day, and it is structured that way to alleviate stress on the grid. Pricing adjusts from hour to hour and encourages drivers to charge during non-peak times.

This is not to say that Tesla does not still have affordable pricing during peak hours, and as noted by Tesla Adri, Supercharger pricing has dropped in several countries across Europe.

In Germany, Tesla Supercharging fees dropped from between €0.52 and €0.59 to between €0.40 and €0.44. Tesla’s pricing drops were evident at a Supercharger in Hilden, Germany. These adjustments mark a considerable drop in pricing, making Supercharging more affordable.

Additionally, the Netherlands saw adjustments to its pricing structure. Previously, it was priced at between €0.42 and €0.45, but has since decreased to €0.33 and €0.37 at a Supercharger in Eemnes, the Netherlands.

The Netherlands was the first country to see the installation of Tesla’s new V4 Superchargers, which feature more power and longer charging cables, which make it easier for non-Tesla EVs to charge. Previous designs were optimized for Tesla vehicles only, but with the introduction of non-Tesla charging programs at Superchargers, the automaker has been forced to adapt.

Tesla V4 Supercharger details: Charging Speed and Cable Length

Tesla announced last month that it had officially reached a new milestone with the opening of its 45,000th Supercharger stall globally. It came less than five months after the automaker had opened its 40,000th Supercharger location, and the increase in charging stalls has obviously been a focus with the widespread adoption of its EVs.

These 45,000 stalls are located at 5,000 Supercharger sites across Earth.

Additionally, with Tesla working to accommodate other EVs in the United States and other markets with reliable and sufficient charging infrastructure, it is expanding its footprint of Superchargers at a rapid pace.

In the past 24 hours, Tesla has announced the opening of 54 additional Supercharging stalls in China, the U.S., Austria, Spain, and Germany.

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Tesla slashes Supercharger pricing in Europe
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