Tesla Smart Summon for upcoming V10 release ‘almost perfect,’ says Elon Musk

Tesla Model 3 demonstrating latest version of Smart Summon assessing curbs and parking lot composition changes. | Image: ALL Electric/YouTube

Several video demonstrations of Tesla’s upcoming Smart Summon feature in action posted by Early Access Program (EAP) participants have shown a good deal of improvement in the feature, and CEO Elon Musk has now confirmed that it’s ‘almost perfect’ and ready for an EAP wide-release.

“Looking good. Smart summon is almost great. Drive-in theater mode, caraoke & Cuphead are awesome,” Musk replied to a question about the status of Tesla’s Version 10 firmware release on Twitter. “Merging code branches & one more QA-level release this week. Hopefully, EAP wide release week after.”

Tesla owners who’ve received the feature for testing thus far are part of a small group that will help work out most of the program bugs and suggest improvements. The larger EAP group comprises various owners who’ve enrolled on an invite-only basis and, more recently, now includes everyone who has purchased the Full Self-Driving (FSD) suite. However, there was some confusion about the different groups which Musk clarified last week when asked why FSD owners had not yet received the features published by other EAP participants. “Still too buggy to be in wide EAP. Requires more testing. Hopefully, going to wide EAP next week,” he explained.

One of the most recent iterations of Smart Summon featured a much more confident Autopilot navigating a parking lot at 4 mph without hesitations for shadows or driving surface irregularities. Vehicle steering is notably more precise and smooth than previous versions, and the center display shows turn-by-turn directions as soon as the Smart Summon sequence is started.

One noted quirk, though, was the preference to drive on the left hand side of the road despite right-side driving being the standard in the US where testing has taken place. Finally, after various names for the newest Summon have been used over the months during its development (Advanced Summon, Enhanced Summon, etc.), the name ‘Smart Summon’ now appears in the Tesla app as its official title.

The latest version of Smart Summon is included in software version 2019.28.3.11, which is an EAP-only release, as reported by Tesletter. Another video published by the site shows a Tesla Model 3 reaching 6 mph during its parking lot navigation, perhaps indicating certain differences in the software releases even among the smaller EAP groups.

The all-electric car’s choice of route to its summoned location was an area for improvement in that video as well. Since this seems to be the primary critique of Smart Summon, it will be interesting to see what improvements are made in the next release referred to by Musk.

Watch Tesletter‘s published video of Smart Summon’s confident 6 mph navigation below:

Tesla Smart Summon for upcoming V10 release ‘almost perfect,’ says Elon Musk
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