Tesla supplier CATL commands 34.8% of the battery market in 1H22

Credit: CATL

A recent analysis from market research company SNE Research has revealed that Tesla’s battery suppliers are dominating the industry. Tesla supplier CATL, for example, has grown so much that it now commands a market share of 34.8% in the first half of 2022. 

SNE Research noted that in 1H22, electric vehicle batteries with a total capacity of 203.4 GWh were installed worldwide. Among this number, 70.9 GWh were installed by CATL, making the company the world’s top battery producer. Fellow Tesla supplier LG Energy Solution was in second place with 26.2 GWh, which translates to a market share of 14.4%. 

Longtime Tesla battery supplier Panasonic, which operates Gigafactory Nevada with Tesla, was ranked fourth by SNE Research with 19.5 GWh and a market share of 9.6%. Interestingly, in third place is BYD, with 24.0 GWh and a market share of 11.8%. BYD has long been rumored to be in talks with Tesla for a supply deal, though the electric vehicle maker has not confirmed its reported business with the battery supplier yet. 

This past June, however, comments from Lian Yubo, BYD executive vice president and president of the company’s automotive engineering research institute, hinted that the company might indeed be nearing a potential supply deal with Tesla. “Tesla is a very successful company no matter what. BYD respects Tesla, and we admire Tesla. We are good friends with Elon Musk, and we will soon supply him with batteries. We are friends,” the executive said. 

Local reports later suggested that Tesla will be utilizing BYD’s battery cells in the Model Y as early as next year. Tesla China’s ramp has been extremely aggressive so far, and with the construction of a new vehicle production facility near Gigafactory Shanghai, the company could be producing over a million cars on its own. With that many vehicles being produced, Tesla would likely need batteries outside of its existing suppliers. 

The results of the first half of 2022 bode well for the electric vehicle battery sector as a whole. As noted in an electrive report, CATL had built 96.7 GWh of capacity in all of 2021. Considering that the battery maker had already reached 70.9 GWh in just six months in 2022, it seems all but certain that the company could far exceed its already impressive numbers from last year. 

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Tesla supplier CATL commands 34.8% of the battery market in 1H22
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