Tesla urging suppliers to set up facilities in Mexico: report

(Credit: Tesla)

Tesla appears determined to replicate its success in Gigafactory Shanghai in its upcoming Giga Mexico facility. To highlight the company’s efforts in Mexico, Tesla is reportedly urging its suppliers to set up dedicated facilities in the country, likely as a way to prepare for the ramp of its next-gen vehicle platform, its most ambitious yet. 

During Investor Day 2023, CEO Elon Musk formally confirmed that Tesla’s next vehicle production plant would be built in Monterrey, Mexico. The facility would be designed to produce Tesla’s most affordable vehicle, which would be built on a new platform that’s more cost-effective than the Model 3 and Model Y. Estimates from the EV community have pointed to the idea that Tesla’s next-gen vehicle would be priced at around the $25,000 range. 

Citing insiders reportedly familiar with the matter, Chinese publication 36 Krypton noted that Tesla is urging several Chinese companies that are part of its supply chain to set up their own facilities in Mexico. “Some supply chain companies have been asked to invest and build factories there (in Mexico). They are also worried about losing several hundred million dollars’ worth of large orders,” one of the publication’s sources stated. 

Interestingly enough, some Tesla suppliers have announced plans to build facilities in Mexico. Among these is the Xusheng Group, which noted earlier this year that it would be investing in the construction of a plant in Mexico. The investment was estimated to be worth about $276 million. The project was launched in Coahuila, Mexico, just about 154 miles away from Monterrey, Mexico, and it is expected to be able to start operations around July to August next year, barring any unexpected delays. 

Tesla has ambitious plans for Gigafactory Mexico. Being the first facility that would produce a vehicle built on the company’s next-generation platform, Giga Mexico is expected to produce millions of all-electric cars per year. This would make the facility larger than Gigafactory Shanghai by output, which is a very impressive feat in its own right. Tesla is definitely putting in a lot of effort in the facility, with the company hinting that it intends to complete Giga Mexico’s construction in roughly the same timeframe as Giga Shanghai

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Tesla urging suppliers to set up facilities in Mexico: report
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