Tesla Top 5 week in review: Model Y plans, paid Supercharging in action, P100D, and more

It was another action-packed week in the world of Tesla and Elon Musk. Musk finally releases more detail on Model Y, tunnel-digging plans for The Boring Company exposed, a first look on how Tesla plans on charging for Supercharger use, and more.

Tesla Model Y arriving in late 2019 or 2020 on non-Model 3 platform

During Tesla’s Q1 earnings call, Musk revealed plans to have Model Y ride on a completely different platform. Musk highlighted the reduced wiring in the Model Y will enable faster manufacturing and an overall less complex design. Musk also touches on production timing for Model Y.

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How does Musk plan to make tunnel-digging cheaper and faster?

Musk outlined his grand vision to build an underground transportation network through The Boring Company, wherein vehicles will be transported on high-speed electric skates. But how does he plan on achieving it?

Read more about Musk’s plans.


First look at Tesla Paid Supercharging: How it works

YouTuber and friend to the site DÆrik gives us a first look this week at how paid Supercharging works. Plugging into the Lone Tree-Park Meadows Supercharger in Colorado, DÆrik notes in his video that the experience appears to be very normal, but with one small change.

Watch the video here.


Tesla Gigafactory 1 building permit reveals $28M “Section G” expansion

Tesla’s Gigafactory continues to expand as the company prepares for the upcoming Model 3 production and positions itself to become, possibly, a $700 billion to $1 Trillion dollar company one day.

New building permits reveal that Tesla is building out a new “Section G”.

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Tesla service center loaners will all be P100Ds with Ludicrous, says Musk

It won’t be long before a visit to a Tesla Service Center will become a much desired experience. Musk announced during the company’s first quarter earnings call that all future service loaners will be a top-of-the-line P100D with Ludicrous.

Time to get that door rattle checked out?

Read a transcript of what Musk said about its P100D service loaners.


Tesla Top 5 week in review: Model Y plans, paid Supercharging in action, P100D, and more
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