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Tesla Q4 Earnings expectations boost stock two days before call

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Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) spiked in early trading hours during Monday’s session based on expectations that the automaker could deliver its sixth-consecutive profitable quarter.

On January 2, Tesla released Delivery and Production figures for Q4 2020, indicating the company’s biggest quarter to date. With 180,570 deliveries and 179,757 cars produced, Tesla attained its 2020 production guidance but fell short of its delivery goal by 450 cars. This figure could be revised on Wednesday; the company indicated in its Delivery and Production report figures could vary by .5%.

Nevertheless, the strong figures have analysts and investors keen on Tesla delivering strong financial figures during the company’s Q4 2020 Earnings Call that will occur on Wednesday after market close. If the company reports positive figures, it will mark the sixth-straight quarter of profitability, and many are convinced it will happen based on the strong figures it announced for Q4 2020.

Monday morning’s session started Tesla stock at $846.64, but the automaker’s strong expectations had already made a considerable mark by 11 am EST. Tesla stock surged to over $900 at 10:02 am, reaching an all-time high of $900.39.

With the Earnings Call expectations solidified, Tesla investors are convinced CEO Elon Musk and others could reveal some relatively significant announcements. Some believe Tesla could finally announce the “Refresh” of its all-electric flagship sedan: the Model S. Teslarati released exclusive photographs of a Model S “Refresh” candidate spotted at Tesla’s Fremont Factory earlier this weekend, sporting some new exterior cosmetic features. Tesla has kept these developments under wraps, but there are some suspicions that the new vehicle could be announced during Wednesday’s call.

Tesla Model S “Refresh” spied track testing

Additionally, Tesla has been releasing some new videos of its 4680 battery cell production lines and Model Y and Model 3 stamping processes, showing refined and rejuvenated manufacturing efforts. This is an offensive that Tesla has focused on for several years, especially as Musk and Tesla narrow in on a 1 million vehicle annual production rate. This goal is coming closer to reality through a series of manufacturing efficiencies and the introduction of new production plants in Europe and the United States.

Tesla’s China-based production facility, Giga Shanghai, has started producing and delivering the all-electric Model Y crossover. The car sold out quickly and deliveries are already backed up into Q2, Tesla’s website says. China’s strong thirst for Tesla EVs has played a positive role in the company’s reputation as the most-popular electric carmaker in the world, along with its increasing international presence.

Tesla stock surged over 700% in 2020 and is up another 16% so far in 2020. As the surge in stock price continues, Tesla focuses on increasing overall production, refining its self-driving infrastructure, and helping the world transition to sustainable transportation in a timely manner.

Tesla will report its Q4 2020 Earnings Call on Wednesday, January 27th at 3:30 pm PST, or 6:30 pm EST. At the time of writing, Tesla stock was trading at $862.04.

Disclosure: Joey Klender is a TSLA Shareholder.

Tesla Q4 Earnings expectations boost stock two days before call
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