Tesla bears ponder China dam collapse to ‘take out’ Giga Shanghai — but there’s a catch

Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai Phase 2A factory shell. (Credit: Yang Hui/The Global Times)

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) may be carrying a lot of momentum this week as it heads towards what could very well be its most important second quarter earnings report to date, but the company still attracts a notable number of passionate critics. Among these critics is the TSLAQ group, which includes short sellers who are looking to make a profit if TSLA stock were to dive. TSLAQ has had its own fair share of interesting wishes for Tesla, its customers, and its facilities, but a recent post about Giga Shanghai may have just taken the cake. 

China is currently experiencing one of its worst flood seasons, and the Three Gorges Dam, located in Central China’s Hubei Province and one of the world’s largest hydropower projects, is feeling the pressure. According to a report from The Global Times, the facility has been handling the worst of the ongoing floods so far. However, the dam is not completely out of danger yet. David Shankman, a geographer with the University of Alabama who studies Chinese floods, noted in a statement to Reuters that the facility may not be able to fully handle this year’s record floodwaters. 

(Credit: @cppinvest)

Under such a situation, Tesla bear Peter DeCaprio, a partner at Boston, MA based Flow Point Partners, LLC, decided to air his thoughts on the matter. The critic suggested that if the dam were to collapse, it could “take out” Gigafactory Shanghai. This scenario would be a catastrophe for Tesla if it were to happen, of course, especially considering that the China based plant is currently ramping its production of the Model 3 sedan. 

Unfortunately for the TSLAQ member, a scenario where the Three Gorges Dam would adversely affect Tesla’s electric vehicle plant is unlikely to happen. This is because the river that the dam is handling exits a delta north of Shanghai, and Tesla’s Gigafactory happens to be south of the city. That’s a long way away from the river itself — about 1,000 km in fact. Callous wishes to people who would be affected by such a catastrophe aside, it appears that the Tesla bear was a bit off on his geography. 

Tesla bears have been behind some interesting suggestions about how to deal with the electric car maker’s facilities in the past. During the Black Lives Matter protests back in May, for example, TSLAQ members suggested that Tesla Superchargers should be trashed since they were just “parking spaces for rich people.” The tweet may just be an ill mannered joke, of course, but it does not negate the fact that such suggestion may end up being harmful if someone were to take them seriously. 

And some do take these suggestions seriously. Back in April 2019, TSLAQ members were deliberating about how someone could deliberately crash a Model 3 that was then testing the electric car maker’s FSD suite for its demo on Autonomy Day. Sure enough, a Tesla bear who had a history of photographing Tesla’s Fremont Factory took it upon himself to disrupt Tesla’s FSD tests. At one point, the Tesla staff in the Model 3 test car felt so threatened by the TSLAQ member’s driving maneuvers that the incident ended up being reported to the police. 

Tesla bears ponder China dam collapse to ‘take out’ Giga Shanghai — but there’s a catch
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