Tesla UK promotes 0% APR offer for Model 3 and Model Y

Credit: Tesla

Tesla UK has launched a new program that makes the reengineered Model 3 and the Model Y even more irresistible to consumers. As could be seen in the company’s promotional materials for its program, customers can now acquire a Model 3 or Model Y with 0% APR. 

A look at Tesla’s order pages for the reengineered Model 3 and Model Y shows that the 0% APR finance deal is available for both Hire Purchases (HP) and Personal Contract Purchases (PCP) of the two best-selling all-electric vehicles. The 0% APR rates also require new orders to be placed and delivered by September 30, 2024. 

A 0% APR program tends to be quite successful for Tesla, as hinted at by the company’s vehicle sales in China when a similar initiative was offered. As noted by Auto Express UK, such a 0% APR PCP offer could result in a customer paying just £262 per month over a 48-month period for the reengineered Model 3 Rear Wheel Drive (RWD). 

Granted, this offer would require customers to place a hefty $11,600 downpayment, and drivers are allotted just 10,000 miles per year, but one cannot deny that such a monthly rate for a new Model 3 is quite a deal. The same is true for the Model Y as well. With Tesla UK’s 0% APR PCP offer, the Model Y could be acquired for just $307 per month under a similar downpayment and PCP plan. 

Tesla community members have shared an image on social media featuring an email from the electric vehicle maker promoting its new offer. “Making Model 3 and Model Y more accessible, now available for 0% interest rate — Go ahead, take the road trip in Model 3 or Model Y this summer. With versatile cargo space, and up to 390 miles (WLTP) of range on a single charge, chances are you’ll need a break before your vehicle will,” Tesla wrote. 

Teslas are already compelling vehicles on their own, but with a 0% APR, it almost does not make sense to go for a comparably priced combustion powered car. The safety, performance, tech, and features that are offered by the Model 3 and Model Y simply make them some of the best bang-for-the-buck vehicles available for purchase today.

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Tesla UK promotes 0% APR offer for Model 3 and Model Y
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