Tesla watchers observe Model 3 being used in US gov’t fleet

Credit: TL Harri/Facebook

Elon Musk and the current Biden administration might not exactly be very close, but it appears that Tesla’s electric cars are getting some support from the US government. This was hinted at in recent observations from Tesla community members on social media. 

Members of the Tesla Facebook group recently shared photos of a white reengineered Tesla Model 3 that was reportedly parked at a strip mall with Superchargers. As per the user who posted photos of the vehicle, the new Model 3 reportedly belongs to a recruiting station. Interestingly enough, several other members of the group noted that they have also seen other government agencies using Teslas for their fleet. 

Teslas, after all, are the most American-made vehicles in the country today. They have also achieved price parity with comparable combustion-powered cars even without the federal tax credit. This means that Teslas are not only affordable when it comes to running costs and maintenance — they are already affordable outright, even without incentives. 

The current US administration has been overtly pro-EV, but it has not necessarily been pro-Tesla. Over the years, Tesla enthusiasts and CEO Elon Musk himself have called out the Biden administration’s apparent anti-Tesla bias, which was shown in 2021 when the US President praised GM CEO Mary Barra for leading the electric vehicle revolution, as well as Tesla’s absence in the White House EV Summit

The current administration, however, is very supportive of union-built EVs, as hinted at when the Chevy Bolt EV was promoted by the US President in 2021 as a fleet vehicle for the US federal government in a video. With this in mind, it is no surprise to see electric vehicle enthusiasts in the United States getting surprised at seeing Teslas being used by the US government. 

While political arguments against Tesla typically allege that the company’s vehicles are extremely expensive, the fact remains that the electric vehicle maker’s two best-selling cars, the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover, are very reasonably priced. And considering their affordable running costs, features, and safety, one could easily argue for the idea that Teslas are the perfect fleet vehicles the federal government. 

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Tesla watchers observe Model 3 being used in US gov’t fleet
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