Tesla owner behind viral gas station fill-up blunder explains incident

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A Tesla Model Y owner who was behind a viral “gas station fill-up blunder” video recently provided some context as to why she ended up trying to fill up her all-electric crossover with gas.

A video of 22-year-old Danielle Wright and her white Tesla Model Y made the rounds online earlier this month. The video, which was shared across social media, featured Wright walking around her Tesla at a gas station, seemingly looking for a way to fill up the Model Y. As is the case with viral videos, a number of comments were unkind, with some calling the Tesla driver “dumb” and others claiming that the incident was likely staged.

Elon Musk, for his part, actually responded to the video, noting that such incidents do happen from time to time. “Habits die hard,” Musk wrote in a Twitter post.

In a comment to the Daily Star, Wright explained that she had a long day at the time when the viral video was taken. Her Model Y was also very new then, so old habits kicked in. “I honestly don’t know what I was doing. It was the end of a long day and the car is brand new. I just pulled into the gas station thinking about the snacks I was going to get from the counter rather than the fact that my car doesn’t actually need gas,” Wright said.

Wright also expressed some frustration at the criticism that she received over the incident. She noted that her Model Y was a dream car for her, so seeing comments claiming that the vehicle was not hers — or that she has more money than sense — frustrated her.

“People online can say what they want, but it was an embarrassing mistake. People weren’t nice. People were calling me dumb, attacking what I was wearing and the way I looked. They were even saying it’s not my car and I’ve got more money than sense, which was probably the most frustrating. I’ve earned every penny to buy this and I love cars. It really is a dream come true to own a Tesla,” Wright said.

Despite the frustration, the Model Y owner noted that she is fine. Wright works as an adult content creator on Fanvue, and she has been earning well so far. Fanvue is a subscription-based social platform that allows creators to share, earn, and connect with their viewers. Wright also noted that thanks to her earnings on the platform, she was able to purchase her Tesla outright.

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Tesla owner behind viral gas station fill-up blunder explains incident
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