Tesla’s “overnight test drive” program ends badly for one P100D driver

An overnight test drive of the new Tesla Model S P100D didn’t end as expected for a prospective buyer outside of Calgary, Canada. The driver of the P100D was experiencing the thrills of Tesla’s “quickest production car in the world” – a car that has 920.37 ft lbs of torque from all four wheels – before crashing in Canmore, Alberta.

According to authorized Tesla body shop Contemporary Coachworks, the driver of the P100D hit a guard rail and lost control of the vehicle. It’s unknown how fast the Model S P100D was traveling at the time of the accident, but photos taken after the incident show a vehicle that has sustained substantial damage.

Contemporary Coachworks declined to comment on the crash.

For the driver of the Model S, the biggest issue is who’s insurance covers such a crash? With a P100D’s price tag comfortably north of $160k, it comes with little doubt that the cost of the accident will be significant.

Tesla has offered an overnight test drive program since last year, which historically have been made available at the discretion of a Tesla manager. A registration form was made available last summer on Tesla’s website allowing prospective buyers to apply for the overnight test drive program.

As we prepare to head into the summer drive season, Tesla would like to offer you an exclusive overnight test drive with Model S where you can experience our Autopilot features for yourself. More than your average test drive, this extended experience will allow you to take your time exploring the car’s ground-breaking performance and features. Take Model S home, commute to work and see how seamlessly this award-winning car could fit into your lifestyle.

Model S also now comes with the option to activate Tesla’s latest version of Autopilot software. This new self-driving technology makes it even easier than ever to arrive at your destination relaxed.

Though the overnight program was originally intended to showcase Tesla’s newest Autopilot capabilities, there’s been reports that the company has begun sending emails to Model 3 reservation holders in hopes to convert them into Model S/X buyers.

“To experience these features yourself (Autopilot, Summon, etc.), we’d like to offer you an exclusive overnight test drive experience. And to make it easier, we’ll even drop off the car at your home or office.”

We’ve included some photos of the aftermath courtesy of Ed Tanas via Facebook.

Photo: Ed Tanas (Facebook)
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