Coder creates the ultimate Tesla Model S and solar data visualization tool

It is no secret that Tesla fans are, by and large, geeks. That theme manifests itself in the form of 3D printed mini Superchargers modded to serve as a USB phone charger, changing the color of the vehicle displayed on the center touchscreen, and most recently a Splunk-powered dashboard that overlays data from a Tesla Model S with energy data collected from a home solar system.

Splunk’s self-proclaimed objective is “We Make Machine Data Accessible, Usable and Valuable to Everyone”, taking massive amounts of data, or just data that is difficult to translate, into intelligible, insightful summaries, graphs and charts.

The dashboard serves mainly as a more practical display of the data from the car, with a focus on energy consumed and money saved from not driving an internal combustion engine vehicle. It’s clear that the Splunk platform is very flexible and with some very basic tweaks, can be modified to pull, calculate and display almost any data your little geek heart could desire.

The dashboards shown make use of simple calculations, fun graphs, neat displays with Red-Yellow-Green ranges added, and all within a very customizable layout.

For most Tesla users, an implementation like this could be helpful in the form of a smartphone app that would display useful information at the touch of a button. As a Tesla owner, it is a common occurrence for this exact type of detail to come up in conversation so having the cost per mile of driving, for example, available all the time would be helpful.

For more information on this project, checkout DeRage’s video below or head over to the Splunk homepage to start exploring what’s possible.

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