Top Tesla Model 3 options by US State as selected by reservation holders

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Ben Sullins of Teslanomics has unveiled a new online tool that analyzes the most popular Tesla Model 3 options by state. The data is being provided by the online authority for tracking Model 3 reservations,, which allows reservation holders to input information about their reservation, including what presumed upgrades they are likely to include in their order once the Model 3 Design Studio goes live.

Last spring, early data from 1,637 entries indicated that 90% of reservation holders planned to add one or more options to their Model 3. The most popular upgrade at that time was a larger battery, an option that 75% of people said they were willing to pay extra for.

In October, the number of people who had registered with Model3Tracker jumped to 4,321. At the time, Paul Carter, who started and continues to maintain the tracker, reported that 7% of Model 3 reservation holders said they would check every option available while only 5% said they did not intend to specify any upgrades. The most recent data from this month suggests that 93% of Model 3 reservation holders will not purchase a base model for $35,000. Instead, opting for one or more available options.

Sullins has taken the raw data supplied by and created a map that highlights the most sought after options made by Model 3 reservations worldwide. Hovering through each state allows one to view popularity of Model 3 options by individual US state. We’ve provided the Teslanomics video by Ben Sullins at the end of this story that explains how his search tool works in detail.

Here’s the interactive display tool being provided courtesy of Teslanomics.

According to Sullins’ visual aid, 87% of Californians say they will add one or more Model 3 options — the same as the worldwide average. The top upgrade is Autopilot with 69% selecting that feature followed by a larger battery at 62% of Model3Tracker respondents. The all glass roof appeals to 55% of reservation holders. Also popular with Californians are premium paint (53%) and the dual motor configuration (52%).

In New York, where winter driving is of concern, 72% of reservation holders will specify the dual motor option for their Model 3. 67% want Autopilot and 60% will upgrade to any available cold weather package.

Sullins’ program works for customers in Canada, too. In British Columbia, 88% of reservation holders will order upgrades starting with the glass roof option at 63%. Dual motors are second on the list at 61% followed closely by a larger battery at 59%. Data for Europe is also available but is only broken down by country. A less detailed worldwide summary is also available.

If you are a Model 3 reservation holder, we encourage you to add your information to the Model3Tracker database and help build a larger sample of data. Also, please share with the community any sightings of the Model 3 in our Model 3 discussion forum. Come join the discussion!


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