Toyota shoots for battery cells with over 700 miles of range

(Credit: Toyota)

In its last briefing session, Toyota Motor Corporation set ambitious electric vehicle (EV) goals. Among them is the plan to produce battery cells with 1,000 km (621 miles) of cruising range and eventually over 700 miles of range. 

“The next-generation battery EVs will adopt new batteries, through which we are determined to become a world leader in battery EV energy consumption. With the resources we earn, we will improve our product appeal to exceed customer expectations and secure earnings,” stated Toyota. “Please look forward to a “carmaker-produced battery EV that inspires the hearts of all customers.”

The Japanese automaker aims to introduce an industry-changing battery before 2030 through its investments in new energy density, weight reduction, and development in aerodynamics. The company believes it will make breakthroughs in lightweight solid-state vehicle batteries, which Toyota predicts will be produced in less time than current cells on the market. The legacy automaker is working on a solid-state battery that can yield up to ~750 miles of range with a charging time of 10 minutes.

The legacy car maker aims to develop low-cost batteries, which it believes will lead to the adoption of more electric vehicles. Toyota will apply its bipolar nickel-metal hydride batteries used by Aqua and Crown hybrid vehicles to its battery electric vehicles (BEV). The Japanese company also plans to use lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells before 2030. 

Toyota has steep BEV goals for the next few years as it adapts to an ever-changing auto industry. The Japanese automaker plans to sell 1.5 million BEV units by 2026. By 2030, Toyota’s BEV Factory is expected to produce 1.7 million units out of its overall capacity of 3.5 million. 

“When it comes to battery electric vehicles, or BEVs, which are especially rapidly progressing, we have set a pace of selling 1.5 million units by 2026 as our “base volume,” and we plan to launch 10 models ranging from luxury vehicles to compacts and commercial vehicles, mainly 2 in the United States and China,” President Sato stated in his FY 2023 remarks. 

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Toyota shoots for battery cells with over 700 miles of range
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