Toyota sets goal to sell 1.5 million BEV units by 2026

(Credit: Toyota)


Toyota set an ambitious battery electric vehicle (BEV) sales goal by 2026. The Japanese legacy automaker aims to sell 1.5 million BEV units by 2026. 

Toyota has taken significant steps under the new CEO and President Koji Sato to accomplish its goal and accelerate BEV development. 

“When it comes to battery electric vehicles, or BEVs, which are especially rapidly progressing, we have set a pace of selling 1.5 million units by 2026 as our “base volume,” and we plan to launch 10 models ranging from luxury vehicles to compacts and commercial vehicles, mainly 2 in the United States and China,” President Sato stated in his FY 2023 remarks. 

Over the past few days, Toyota has slowly explained its new BEV strategy. First, the Asian automaker plans to abolish its zero-emissions vehicle department and establish a new organization named the BEV Factory. The BEV Factory will accelerate Toyota’s electric vehicle development and business. 

Toyota reported securing an operating income of ¥2.7 trillion ($20 trillion). In its FY 2023 Financial Results—ending in March 2023—Toyota stated that it expects to sell 200,000 BEV units by 2024 with the help of the BZ3 and Lexus RZ. The bZ4X might also help the Japanese automaker’s BEV sales forecast for 2024. Between its sales goal of 200K units in 2024 to 1.5 million in 2026, Toyota expects to increase its BEV sales by 650% over the next few years. 

Currently, Toyota’s BEV lineup is sparse. It includes the BZ3, Lexus RZ, and bZ4X. The BZ3 is a sedan developed for the Chinese car market. BYD Toyota EV Technology CO., LTD., and FAW Toyota Motor Co. Ltd. developed the all-electric BZ3 sedan through a joint venture between Toyota and BYD. 

Meanwhile, the Lexus RZ is the car maker’s first battery electric vehicle for global markets. Toyota’s luxury BEV has a 71.4 kWh battery pack with an EPA-estimated range of 220 miles. Then there is the bZ4X, also sold in the United States and China. The bZ4X has had a rough start in the market since Toyota initiated a recall shortly after its sales debut in spring 2022. 

Toyota expects to launch at least 10 new battery electric vehicles in the following years, likely to achieve its goal of selling 1.5 million BEV units by 2026. In conjunction with its BEV development, Toyota plans to build three new platforms: the body and chassis, the electronic platform, and the software platform. 

“We will accelerate our efforts under the new dedicated organization “BEV Factory” and would like to present concept vehicles of such at the Japan Mobility Show this autumn,” remarked Sato. 

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Toyota sets goal to sell 1.5 million BEV units by 2026
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