Twitter “killer” Mastodon sees monthly active user decline of 44%: report

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During the height of the controversy surrounding Elon Musk’s turbulent acquisition of Twitter last year, social media platform Mastodon emerged as the go-to platform for those who wish to no longer associate with the notorious blue bird. But just months later, it appears that Mastodon is seeing its user base drop — by quite a lot. 

In a way, Mastodon was promoted by users who are generally anti-Elon Musk as a way to interact online without the toxicity of the Tesla CEO or Twitter’s general users. With rumors later flying that Twitter was about to shut down due to Musk’s mismanagement, the user “exodus” to Mastodon continued. 

By December, Mastodon was featured in numerous mainstream media coverage due to its rapid rise in users. By late December, reports highlighted that Mastodon’s monthly active users had exploded to 2.5 million users between the months of October and November. Prominent people such as politicians, reporters, and organizations also set up camp in the new social media platform.

But based on Mastodon’s own public API, it appears that the platform has not been able to keep up its growth. Over the past two months, Mastodon’s monthly active users dropped to less than 1.4 million. This represents a 44% decrease from its highs that were achieved just a couple of months ago. 

As noted in a Thurrott report, the decline of Mastodon’s monthly active users does not seem to be unexpected at all. After rising from 380,000 users to 2.5 million in just two months, Mastodon’s active users dropped by over 30% the following month.  

There may be a few good reasons behind the Mastodon “exodus” that is happening today. A Wired report highlighted that many newcomers to Mastodon have complained that the platform was difficult to use. Add to the fact that Elon Musk’s Twitter seems to be finding its footing despite all the drama from several months ago, and it seems like some users who joined Mastodon to protest the Tesla CEO’s takeover are coming back to Twitter. 

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Twitter “killer” Mastodon sees monthly active user decline of 44%: report
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