Tesla’s sales growth in China looks even better amid country’s overall auto sector slump

Tesla saw strong sales growth in China in January, which is particularly impressive considering the overall slump in the Chinese auto sector. It does, if any, suggest that the electric vehicle maker is truly becoming one of China’s strongest EV companies. 

As per data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), Tesla China sold 66,051 Giga Shanghai-made vehicles in January. Among this number, 39,208 were exported abroad. This represented an increase of 18% from December and 10% from January 2022. 

In comparison, passenger car sales in China came in at 1.3 million units in January. While this number is no joke, it represents a 40% drop from the 2.19 million vehicles that were sold in December 2022. China’s overall electric vehicle industry also showed a drop of about 45%

This is partly because of the Chinese New Year holiday, of course, which limited January’s working days to 20 instead of 30. Vehicle purchase tax incentives and EV subsidies also came to an end. With this in mind, one could state that the Chinese auto market had a pretty good reason why its overall sales were down last month. 

But inasmuch as this is true, one should also keep in mind that Tesla China was not immune to January’s general headwinds in the country. Tesla China was affected by the Chinese New Year, and its vehicles were affected by the country’s EV subsidy changes. Yet despite these challenges, Tesla China’s sales saw a notable rise month-over-month. 

A likely reason behind Tesla China’s strong sales in January could very well be the company’s steep price cuts for the Giga Shanghai-made Model 3 and Model Y. At their current prices, the Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover are more attainable than ever. And with Tesla China poised to focus its resources on the domestic market later this month, the company’s local sales are likely to get even better in the coming weeks. 

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Tesla’s sales growth in China looks even better amid country’s overall auto sector slump
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