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Twitter faces lawsuit from ‘experts’ hired by previous management to fight against Musk

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It seems like Tesla, SpaceX, and Twitter CEO Elon Musk has truly become a magnet of controversy as of late. As per recent reports, Twitter was sued by a consulting firm that claimed that it was owed $2 million. The interesting part was that Twitter’s previous management hired the firm to help them force Musk to acquire the social media platform. 

In a state court in Boston on Thursday, Charles River Associates filed its lawsuit against Twitter. According to the consulting firm, it was tapped by Twitter’s previous management to provide expert testimony that could rebut the witness Musk was expected to put on the stand. At the time, Musk was trying to walk way from his $44 billion acquisition due to his issues with the social media platform’s spam and bot accounts.

The consultancy firm’s services ultimately became unnecessary since Musk ended up buying Twitter for $44 billion anyway. 

As noted by Musk frequently on social media, fate does seem to love irony. Previous Twitter management hired a consulting firm to compel Musk to buy Twitter. Twitter, now under Musk’s leadership, is now being sued by the consulting firm that was hired to ensure he completed his acquisition. 

Interestingly enough, Twitter was also sued in December for non-payment of two private jet flights. The flights were taken by former chief marketing officer Leslie Berland, who was terminated from the social media company after Musk took over. 

In its suit, Private Jet Services Group LLC claimed that it was owed $197,725 for Berland’s October 26 flight from New Jersey to San Francisco and return flight the next day. The trips were taken during the closing days of Musk’s acquisition and were reportedly approved by then-CEO Parag Agrawal.

Since taking over Twitter, Musk has initiated a massive effort to cut costs. Among the most notable was Musk’s decision to terminate a substantial portion of the social media company’s staff, leading to expectations that Twitter would shut down. This has not happened yet, and new features continue to be added and tested as of late. 

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Twitter faces lawsuit from ‘experts’ hired by previous management to fight against Musk
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