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Nearly two-thirds of U.S. consumers still have little experience with EVs

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A new Consumer Reports survey shows that almost two-thirds of U.S. consumers have little to no experience with electric vehicles (EVs) still, based on data from thousands of respondents.

Consumer Reports shared the 2023 EV Survey in a press release earlier this month, noting that around 64 percent of its 9,030 respondents scored a 1 or less on the EV experience index, while only 5 percent scored a 4, the top score. The survey, which was conducted over June and July 2023, asked respondents to score themselves on four pieces of criteria relating to seeing EVs and knowing people who drive them, as well as driving or being a passenger in them.

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The organization also notes that consumer willingness to purchase an EV tends to increase as EV experience increases, remaining statistically significant even when controlling for demographics and EV ownership history.

“Right now it appears that lack of experience with EVs may be acting as a bit of a brake on EV adoption,” writes Chris Harto, Consumer Reports senior sustainability policy analyst. “However, the data seems to be showing that once more consumers get some first hand experience with EVs, demand could accelerate swiftly.”

Despite consumer experience with EVs still being fairly low, the report highlights that overall interest in purchasing an EV is still fairly strong with prospective buyers.

Out of U.S. buyers who expect to buy a new vehicle for their next purchase, roughly 38 percent would seriously consider purchasing an EV. About a third of Americans say they would definitely buy or lease an EV today, or at least seriously consider it, while about 37 percent report would consider buying an EV in the future.

Credit: Consumer Reports

The report included a number of other important details, including the fact that just 47 percent of Americans know about tax credits for purchasing or leasing EVs, while 48 percent said that time-of-purchase tax rebates would encourage them to buy an EV. The U.S. this year instituted a $7,500 tax credit that becomes available at the time of purchase.

You can read the fact sheet from the 2023 Consumer Reports EV report here, or check out the survey’s methodology details here.

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Nearly two-thirds of U.S. consumers still have little experience with EVs
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