[Video] Deep Blue Model X Seen with Transport Plastic Wrap

With the promise that deliveries of the first production Model X will take place by end of September, Tesla has been out testing variations of the electric crossover more than ever near its headquarters in Palo Alto, CA. The latest sighting comes to us from Instagram user SiliconValleyTeslas who spotted a never-before-seen Model X cladded in a deep blue color and protective plastic wrap.

If this isn’t the final production version of the Model X, it’s certainly very close to being one. The plastic wrap seen covering the front and rear bumpers are commonly placed on new vehicles that roll off the production line as a means to prevent damage from rock chips and exterior blemishes during transport.

[Source: SiliconValleyTeslas via Instagram]

[Source: SiliconValleyTeslas via Instagram]


SiliconValleyTeslas caught the deep blue Model X and Model S duo on Page Mill Road turning left onto Deer Creek Road, presumably as it was heading back to headquarters.

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