“A Conversation with Elon Musk” at the World Government Summit 2017 in Dubai

While in Dubai for the official launch of Tesla in the UAE, Elon Musk attended the World Government Summit 2017 to unpack his current focus areas for local leaders. Musk shared his usual themes of sustainability, electrified transport, dying on Mars and more recently, warnings about runaway artificial intelligence, while in Dubai.

In what felt like the awkward clash of a teenage reverie and middle eastern culture, Elon dove into the possibility of life being a virtual experience and not a physical experience, noting the almost indiscernible difference between graphics in modern video games and our perception of the physical world.

These ponderings naturally dovetailed into warnings about the possibility of negative outcomes for artificial intelligence which is one of Elon’s new focus areas as he looks to life beyond Tesla. Elon talked about he is looking to unlock the full capacity of humans with cyborg plugins…and how we are already using technology to do this which an obvious hint at his interest in a neural lace. This embedded device would directly interact with human brains, translating thoughts directly into a digital signal.

Elon also briefly touched on Sustainable Energy Generation, Mass Unemployment, Cyborgs aka the neural net, Reusability of rockets and the important of healthy feedback loops from trusted advisors. Take a look at the full video below with Elon joining the stage around the 27:30 mark.

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