Video of Tesla Model 3 prototype driving around SpaceX backlot

Following our recent report that a silver Tesla Model 3 was spotted testing near the Hyperloop test track in Hawthorne, Calif., a new video has emerged showing Tesla’s prototype cruising around the backlot of SpaceX. The video was captured by Unplugged Performance, the same folks who originally spotted the Model 3 outside of their Tesla tuning facility that is neighbor to Tesla’s Design Studio and SpaceX.

Though some viewers of Unplugged’s initial Instagram video of the Model 3 had suggested that it was a Beta car that was equipped with side mounted cameras and fully autonomous hardware made available on Autopilot 2.0 cars, the latest video clearly shows that this Model 3 was not a Full Self-Driving capable vehicle. In fact, the car looks to be the same Alpha car that debuted during last year’s Model 3 unveiling event.

With test builds of Model 3 having begun last month and initial production planned for July, it’s likely that we’ll begin to see Model 3 Beta vehicles testing near the company’s Fremont, California factory, and on the streets of nearby Silicon Valley where Tesla’s headquarters resides, in the coming months.

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk said during the company’s recent earnings call that first “Founders Series” Model 3 will go to employees, followed by current Tesla owners residing on the west coast. Musk also noted during the call that Model 3 Design Studio was “three to four months away”, leaving many anxious Model 3 reservation holders wanting to believe that an invitation to configure their vehicles will arrive in June.

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