Volkswagen calls on ID.3 to boost struggling China EV sales

The Volkswagen ID.3. (Credit: Volkswagen)

Volkswagen’s ID.3 all-electric vehicle will make its way to China in Q4 in hopes to harness the momentum from the growing Chinese EV market to boost VW’s lackluster sales in the region.

The German automaker has both the ID.4 crossover and the China-only ID.6 available for purchase currently, but Volkswagen is attempting to push things forward in alignment with their “ACCELERATE” strategy. The ID.3 has performed well in the European market, giving itself a reputation as one of the best-selling EVs in the region since its release in 2020. Now that the ID.3 is being set up for an eventual appearance in China that is currently planned for Q4 2021, Volkswagen is looking to harness more momentum that could help translate its non-impressive sales stats to be on par with region sales leaders Tesla and GM.

(Credit: Volkswagen)

Volkswagen sold 5,800 EVs in July, a drastic increase from its only 2,900 EV sales in June. Despite the relative doubling in sales from June to July, the company is still lagging behind Tesla considerably, which has been one of China’s top 2 EV manufacturers for over a year, sparring with the SAIC-Wuling-GM partnership responsible for the HongGuang Mini EV. The ID.3, with its smaller body style that is more compact and resembles the Golf, could be VW’s golden egg that surges sales and makes the company a competitor in the Chinese market once again.

“Volkswagen’s global electrification offensive is rapidly gaining further momentum. With the ID.3 we are already launching the third all-electric model series in China within a mere six months,” Volkswagen CEO Ralf Brandstätter said. “We are thus underscoring our ambition to occupy a leading position in the market for electric vehicles in China as well as Europe.”

The ID.3 will make its way to the Chengdu Motor Show this week, and customers in China will be able to reserve an ID.3 via a pre-booking system prior to the market launch in October, the company said in a press release. Expectations are outlined by VW as well, which forecasts between 80,000 and 100,000 vehicles from the ID. family will be delivered to customers. This is ultimately dependent on how the company can navigate through the global semiconductor shortage, which could derail delivery plans for several automakers.

With the ID.4 and ID.6 we have successfully launched two strong model series in recent months. Feedback from our customers is promising, delivery figures meet our expectations,” Volkswagen China CEO Stephan Wöllenstein said. “With the ID.3, we are now offering our customers a product in the important compact segment and, in combination with the other ID. models, are able to cover a large share of the market.”

The expansion of Volkswagen’s EV lineup intends to increase the market share of its fully electric cars in Europe to over 70%. In North America and China, Volkswagen targets an EV share of over 50%.

Volkswagen has not struggled in other markets with its EVs. The company has still managed to deliver around 160,000 units globally this year. The first half of 2021 saw Volkswagen as the leader in European EV registrations with 15.4% of the market share.

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Volkswagen calls on ID.3 to boost struggling China EV sales
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