Volkswagen dealers in Germany vow to overtake Tesla with the ID.3

The Volkswagen ID.3. (Credit: John Foulkes/Twitter)

The German auto market may be starting to feel the presence of the Tesla Model 3, but Volkswagen dealers are hoping that the upcoming ID.3 will be able to establish its dominance in the country’s EV market. According to the head of the German Volkswagen and Audi dealer association, the ID.3 will overtake Tesla, and it will do so quicker than expected. 

The statement was related to news publication, Dirk Weddigen von Knapp, head of the VW and Audi dealer association in Germany, noted that he has high hopes for the market launch of the ID.3. The ID.3 is the first vehicle from Volkswagen’s MEB platform, which is expected to support about 20 electric vehicles. 

“Many market observers will be amazed at how quickly we will overtake Tesla with the ID.3,” von Knapp said. 

The Volkswagen ID.3 has experienced notable delays due to issues with its software, but the vehicle is expected to start deliveries at the beginning of September nonetheless. According to the VW dealers, the demand for the ID.3 has “far exceeded” expectations so far, and the expected delivery time for the vehicle is now around four months instead of the usual four to six weeks for most cars. 

A variant of the Volkswagen ID.3 with a 45 kWh battery is already “almost sold out” for the current year as well, added the head of the German Volkswagen and Audi dealer association. 

The Volkswagen ID.3 would have to see notable success to be able to rival the Tesla Model 3, which is still being imported to Europe from the United States. Yet the VW dealers are optimistic that the ID.3 has a good chance of success, and part of this is due to Tesla’s small network of service centers in Germany. In this sense, the dealers noted that Tesla still has “considerable catching up to do.”

What is rather interesting to note is the fact that the ID.3 will likely be a completely different animal compared to the typical Golf. Electric vehicles, especially those like the ID.3 which are made on an all-electric platform, are notably different from vehicles powered by the internal combustion engine. This means that if Volkswagen would like to ensure that the ID.3 will be properly supported by its massive service network, it would have to intensively train its service staff on the intricacies of the EV. 

This was experienced by Jaguar with the I-PACE. Previous insights from an I-PACE owner described challenges experienced by Jaguar service centers simply because the service staff did not seem to be familiar with the all-electric SUV. This resulted in massive inconveniences to the I-PACE owner, who ended up feeling some buyer’s remorse. 

Volkswagen dealers in Germany vow to overtake Tesla with the ID.3
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