LIVESTREAM: Watch Elon Musk detail Neuralink’s brain interface developments

Elon Musk will detail Neuralink’s developments during a live event on August 28th at 3 PM PST or 6 PM EST. Neuralink is one of Musk’s companies, which aims to treat brain diseases and neurological disorders through a brain-machine interface. The Livestream will update the public on the progress that has been made since the previous presentation, which was held in July 2019 and the California Academy of Sciences.

At the end of July 2020, Musk stated on Twitter that the Neuralink presentation “will show neurons firing in real-time on August 28th. The matrix in the matrix.” Along with those details, he also revealed that there would be an updated V2 brain implant machine that will be used to embed implants into the human brain.

Musk said that the new machine is “still far from LASIK,” a surgery that improves eyesight, but “could get pretty close in a few years.” Musk’s team at Neuralink is headed by Dr. Matthew MacDougall, who is the head surgeon for the company.

Neuralink’s developments have been mainly kept under wraps. Musk detailed his intentions for the company’s products during his most recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Not only does Musk believe that a Neuralink chip would help improve eyesight, but he also thinks it could help solve an array of brain-related issues that tend to affect the quality of human life negatively. Potential cognitive benefits could arise from a Neuralink chip and could help treat diseases like epilepsy, Alzheimers, and strokes.

The live stream is available at, but we’ve also included a live stream below.

LIVESTREAM: Watch Elon Musk detail Neuralink’s brain interface developments
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