Volkswagen ID.3 receives ‘Best of Best’ award before starting customer deliveries

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The Volkswagen ID.3 recently received two “Best of Best” titles in the Automotive Brand Contest 2020, an event that was held by the German Design Council. Joining the ID.3 was its other electric stablemate from Volkswagen’s EV line, the ID.SPACE VIZZION, which walked away as the winner of the awards’ “Concepts” category.

Overall, the VW ID.3 was awarded the title of “Best of Best” in the “Exterior Volume Brand” and “Interior Volume Brand” segments. Judges of the event were impressed by the ID.3’s design, which was considered as contemporary and expressive. These sentiments were expressed in the judges’ official verdict.

“The ID.3 is expressive, featuring a curved yet simultaneously tight line with coherent interior and exterior. The ID.3 is an impressive contemporary interpretation of Volkswagen’s typical, enhanced design idiom – it is the long-awaited, young Volkswagen boasting the courage required to spark a new movement,” the verdict read.

Klaus Bischoff, the Head of Volkswagen Group Design, remarked that the award signifies that the company is on the right track in its electrification initiatives. “To us, the ID.3 represents the dawn of a new era of mobility. At the same time it heralds the advent of a digital design era in which we aim to virtually create the best possible user experiences across all teams using cutting-edge methods. This recognition from the judging panel shows that we are on the right track,” he said.

Interestingly enough, the Volkswagen ID.3 received its “Best of Best” awards despite the vehicle being delayed from its initial release due to serious software issues. The German automaker is producing the ID.3, but it is unable to start deliveries to customers since the vehicle’s software still needs serious work. Sources familiar with the matter have told German media that the ID.3’s software has been an “absolute disaster,” with multiple bugs being reported by test drivers every day.

Volkswagen has adopted a serious stance as it addresses the ID.3’s software problems. Reports suggest that the German automaker is working together with Daimler to develop an operating system for cars that would likely be designed to rival the OS of automakers like Tesla, which has developed its own software from the ground-up.

Inasmuch as the Volkswagen ID.3’s recent awards are impressive, there seem to be some details that are a bit strange. For one, the Automotive Brand Contest is held by the German Design Council, which also holds the German Design Award ceremony. Contrary to the other award-giving bodies, the German Design Council funds the German Design Award through payments from the ceremony’s winners. This system has resulted in large numbers of winners over the years. In 2018 alone, the award ended up being presented to over 1,000 winners.

Volkswagen ID.3 receives ‘Best of Best’ award before starting customer deliveries
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