Washing your Tesla using a waterless wash and wax system from Smart Polish Pro

Owning a Tesla has inspired me in many ways I never thought possible. Among these has been the inspiration to live a more eco-friendly life and the inspiration to go to a car show to share my love of the car. It has also inspired me to want to keep the car clean when practical. The problem is, I love the car too much to subject it to an automatic car wash and spare time is a resource I do not have an abundance of. Actually, who am I kidding? Even if I did have all the spare time in the world, washing cars is not a strength of mine and so my better half does the heavy lifting in that area. But again, who has the time to hand wash a car regularly?

Enter Smart Polish Pro. For the record, this is not a paid endorsement of the system. I was asked if I might be interested in trying their Waterless Wash & Wax system (I was) so I decided to share my experience with using the product.

Here’s my review.

Smart Polish Pro Waterless Wash & Wax

Smart Polish Pro is a waterless wash and wax system that almost sounds too good to be true. It claims to be quick, easy to use and wastes no water because it requires none at all. Color me curious. They describe the product’s formula as “one that safely lifts dirt and grime away from the surface using a clever emulsification process developed by our chemists.” The formula is applied directly onto the dirty vehicle and combines washing and waxing in one process which is perfect for a speedy clean!

After using it on our Multicoat Red Model S, I can say that this product is easy to use and leaves the car’s body panels looking great!

What I can’t say with any certainty is how long it has been since our Model S had a bath. I know her last wash wasn’t in the month of June so at least a month. She was adequately dirty, though certainly did not look like she just completed a mud race. Oh, and there was a fantastical splatter of bird waste that I can only describe as looking like a clumsy toddler lost their vanilla ice cream while standing next to the car.

To use the product, shake the bottle well then install the included trigger sprayer. You’ll need some microfiber cloths for this product. Spray it lightly on both the body panel and cloth #1, just one panel at a time. Wipe the area in a single direction, not in circles. Use your second cloth (clean, dry) to wipe again in a long, sweeping motion to buff and reveal the shine of the car. That’s it. Spray, wipe, then wipe again. Move along to the next body panel. This product is meant for painted exterior vehicle surfaces. Continue the process until the car is complete. Stand back and marvel at how shiny your car is.

My first thought was that the smell of the product, while not strong or easily identifiable, was pleasant. As the process continued, I had more thoughts including the realization that the drying step of washing a car is among the worst parts. This is especially true in hot or sunny weather where the real threat of it prematurely drying and leaving water marks exists. I’m sure all you sunny SoCal folks out there agree!

Smart Polish Pro’s Waterless Wash and Wax system product completely eliminates the need to use water and thus completely eliminates the threat of it drying too quickly and leaving spots behind. Perhaps you will think to yourself that you don’t get spots because you wash (with water) and dry your car one body panel at a time. I’d say to you: how do you find the time and how do you shield the completed body from water splashes when you spray your hose at the next panel? Oh you don’t use a hose? Refer to my first question about time.

It next became really apparent that even if you like to wash your car with water, this product would be a perfect solution for car shows, meet ups or photo shoots where your own water supply is not readily available. No matter how well you wash your car before you head to your destination, there’s a pretty good chance of encountering at least one of: dust, pollen, puddles, rain or bird waste on your way to show off your car. I’d also venture to say that if you are preparing a car for show to a potential buyer, this product is a great way to give it a quick clean up with extreme shine.

Speaking of shine, as I admired how shiny the car really was (and yes, made faces at myself while looking at my clear-enough-to-see-facial-blemishes reflection in the hood), I noticed that the Smart Polish Pro’s waterless wash and wax product left behind no residue. There was no film, streaks or spots to speak of. Take a look at a few after pictures and decide for yourself.

Bottom line: I’m glad a single bottle has enough product in it for at least 4 more uses because I’m already looking forward to using it again!


Washing your Tesla using a waterless wash and wax system from Smart Polish Pro
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