Bjørn Nyland Wins Second Tesla Referral Contest

Bjorn Nyand wins second Tesla referral contest

Tesla Motors sent an e-mail to Norway’s Bjørn Nyland on Wednesday informing him that he has won yet another free Tesla, this time a Ludicrous enabled Model S P90D. Once again, Bjørn referred more new Model S buyers in the European region than anyone else by the December 31st contest end deadline. He also won the first contest that ran from late June through the end of October of 2015. His prize for that victory was a Founder’s Series Model X.

Bjørn has made a successful career for himself as a video blogger. His YouTube channel features many stories about his journeys around Europe in his red Tesla Model S, code named The Millennium Falcon, since he first purchased it during the fall of 2013.

Tesla has a brilliant advertising strategy which is no advertising. Unlike traditional car companies, Tesla relies on its base of passionate owners to spread the word and evangelize the brand, a tactic that seems to be working quite well. Globally, the overall leader among all contestants is a person named Wei from China, who referred an incredible 188 people in just two months.

Canada’s Sylvain Juteau won the first referral contest for the North American region and is on track to win the second contest as well. He has 34 referrals toBjørn’s 51. Juteau has made winning the contest a full time job. During the first program, referrers received a $1,000 credit to their Tesla Motors account, a feature not included in the second contest. He used that money to buy several dozen CHAdeMO adapters, which he offered free to anyone who purchased a Model S because of his referral. His reward, a car worth about $130,000 which is pretty good wages for 2 months of work.

While Wei, Juteau and Bjørn referred many customers each, many Tesla owners referred just one or two. But Juteau, who runs,  says the total number of referrals totaled almost 5,000 and accounted for nearly a third of all the 17,400 Model S cars Tesla delivered in the 4th quarter. At an estimated average sale price of $85,000, which is probably on the low side, Juteau puts the value of all the sales via referral at $425,000,000.

Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to every Tesla owner who referred a new customer in the past two months.

Photo credit: Bjørn Nyland via YouTube

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  • Taylor Marks

    My coworker planned on buying a Mercedes up until I convinced him to get a Tesla. He went with a P85D. He says I’m his referrer, but Tesla refuses to acknowledge me because I don’t own a Tesla myself.

    That’s like refusing to acknowledge the role their own employees play, given that the majority of them don’t own Teslas, either.

    So basically the $1000 goes to the people who need it least. Already have a Tesla? Have $1000 towards another! They need no incentive to buy a Tesla. They need no aid.

    Meanwhile, I’m eyeballing the Chevy Bolt because it seems like that’ll hit the market before the Model 3 does.

    • Tesla did nothing wrong here, the rules of the referral program were clear and outlined on their website. Thanks for advocating, but Tesla doesn’t owe you anything. Just sayin’. Cheers, and hope you get the first Bolt off the line, looks like a nice car.

    • TedKidd

      Yep. I’ve been responsible for at least 3 Tesla sales. No dough…

      Good news is if they do another contest, you can use your co-workers referral site!

    • Perttu Lehtinen

      There’s no reliable Supercharger network for Chevy Bolt so I’m definitely going to by a Tesla Model 3 for that reason only.

  • vdiv

    Bjørn ruleZ! Not only through the referrals but through his videos he has convinced quite a few of us to get a Tesla through his easy going demeanor, roadtrip adventures, explanation videos, and yes, even with the unwilling and often annoyed wifey and many friends 🙂

  • vdiv

    About Tesla not advertising, that’s not entirely true. The mall galleries, the merchandise, even the superchargers are all advertising, not to mention social media:

  • ggerke

    Great news about the number out of China.

  • Parizaki

    Good job Bjorn! You earned it. Lots of Love, Efthemia “Effie” –I got 2 referrals and really want to go to the Gigafactory opening to dance!!!! I’ll have to find some way to get an invite without reaching the 5 goal for invite. I live in CA so I can get to opening party easy, maybe team will consider inviting people in closer proximity who at least got 1 referral. <3 Free dance, Model S Mom Efthemia Papadopoulos