Tesla Referral Program ends: Here’s what you need to know

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Tesla’s Referral Program has ended, as the company announced earlier this month.

The change is relatively significant as the Referral Program has helped owners gain points to redeem anything from early Cybertruck delivery dates to Tesla merchandise for themselves, all by convincing others to do anything from test drive to purchase a vehicle.

However, the program has come to a close, and here’s what remains of the Referral Program:

You Can Still Use Your Points

Points are still available on the Tesla app, and if you have some left over, you can use them to redeem rewards. Everything from a Home Charger to Supercharging Miles are available, so don’t fret if you did not get to spend them.

A new Tesla Referral Program is on the way

A lot of people were concerned that this would be the end of a referral program altogether. But those people should not worry.

Tesla will launch a new, revised Referral Program “in a few months,” according to Elon Musk:

We cannot imagine it would be that much different than past ones, but perhaps Tesla wants to adjust the rewards and how the points can be acquired.

Tesla recently adjusted the Referral Program, upping the stakes. As the current version of the program has come to a close, this could have been a test run for these features.

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Tesla Referral Program ends: Here’s what you need to know
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