Video of Ludicrous Mode Tesla P90D 0-60mph Blast

For the lucky brave few who have experienced the thrill of Ludicrous Mode on the Model S P90D (the one with the underlined badge), the shock of catapulting 0-60 mph in 2.8 seconds is said to induce a feeling of temporary blindness.

Instagram user scvetojevic captures the glory of blasting down, what appears to be, the test track at the Tesla factory in Fremont CA in the new 762 horsepower P90D. #ElectricRailgun

Testing Ludicrous mode, cant keep a cellphone straight ūüėČ

A video posted by SaŇ°a Cvetojevińá (@scvetojevic) on

We’re¬†not quite sure if we¬†should label the following video as NSFW given the non-english outburst a split second into the video, but nevertheless, one thing that can be derived from the video is uncontrollable nervous laughter, followed by sheer excitement of the entire, and short-lived, experience.

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One last note: it’s remarkable to see just how quickly the Ludicrous P90D whips to 80+ mph, and continues to pull, leaving us no doubt that we’ll soon see videos of 10 second 1/4 mile competition pitting Tesla’s P90D vs <insert name of $500k Supercar> throughout YouTube.

DragTimes, please bring on the videos! We’re waiting.


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