Dream Giveaway’s Tesla Model S P100D promotion helps children’s charities make a difference

[Credit: Dream Giveaway]

Back in 2008, Dream Giveaway decided to give away two Chevrolet Corvettes for its national sweepstakes. Those two cars proved to be the start of the charity-focused organization’s tradition of giving away high-value automobiles to help fund humanitarian causes and organizations. This year, one of the company’s key prizes is a vehicle that’s a bit different from its usual lineup of traditional muscle cars–  a fully-loaded Tesla Model S P100D.

The Florida-based organization opted to survey its audience about the vehicles they would like to be included in this year’s sweepstakes. The Tesla Model S P100D, one of the cars on the list of vehicles, dominated the survey. As per the survey’s results, the organization acquired a blue Tesla Model S P100D with white interior. The all-electric high-performance sedan has been given some modifications, too — two for style and one for handling — in the form of aftermarket wheels, a carbon fiber interior trim, and lowered suspension. 

The Tesla Model S P100D being offered in Dream Giveaway’s sweepstakes. [Credit: Dream Giveaway]

Joining the Model S P100D sweepstakes is just a matter of purchasing tickets for the promotion. The sweepstakes would run from August 26 to June 2019, and on July 15, 2019, Dream Giveaway would be drawing the winner, who would then be flown to FL (if needed or requested) for the vehicle’s handover. The organization notes that there are no strings attached to the contest, and that it would pay all the electric car’s taxes in full, a $35,000 value. Tesla’s home wall charger will also be included with the vehicle.

While winning a Tesla Model S P100D is an undoubtedly sweet deal that is difficult to pass up, it should be noted that the electric car’s promotion would actually benefit several humanitarian causes. Dream Giveaway’s promotions are sponsored by New Beginning Children’s Homes, which gives unrestricted grants to six charities; namely, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Honor Flight of West Central Florida, Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries, Smile Network International, the National Guard Educational Foundation (NGEF), and Bright Pink. Thus, every ticket bought for the Model S P100D giveaway is also an addition to the funds given to these charities. 

Dream Giveaway’s brand new Tesla Model S P100D with CW-55 wheels wrapped in high-performance Continental Extreme Contact tires. [Credit: Dream Giveaway]

The Tesla Model S P100D is the first all-electric car that Dream Giveaway is raffling off. Over the past 11 years, the company has been giving away powerful gas-powered vehicles. This year alone, the company is also raffling off a pair of Chevrolet Corvettes, a pair of Bullitt Ford Mustangs, a rare Dodge Haulcat (a Hellcat-powered pickup), and a limited edition Dodge Viper ACR beside the P100D.

That being said, the organization notes that while Tesla does not call the P100D a muscle car, the vehicle has all the characteristics of an all-American muscle car, as reflected in its power, performance, and fun factor. The Dream Giveaway team also notes that the vehicle has already made a fair number of auto enthusiasts into believers of electric-powered propulsion, particularly when it catapults from 0-60 mph in 2.2 seconds under Ludicrous Mode.

Support Dream Giveaway’s cause and enter in a chance to win a Tesla Model S P100D.


Dream Giveaway contacted Teslarati and asked for support in raising awareness of New Beginning Children’s Homes and their role in providing long-term residential care for foster children. The Tesla Model S P100D prize represents a notable shift for the organization (by request of past donors) that has historically only offered muscle cars in their sweepstakes.

Dream Giveaway’s Tesla Model S P100D promotion helps children’s charities make a difference
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